A space where emotion seizes all our senses. A thrill of joy that will leave an indelible trace in minds. An ode to life. At Potel et Chabot, we aim for the ideal experience every day. We put our art at the service of boldness and talent. Our convictions soak up your desires. Our propositions are woven according to your sensitivity. It’s an uninterrupted dialogue that is established between us, a silk thread that binds us and inspires us to materialize exceptional moments. We are creators of enthusiasm. We realize unforgettable projects. Yours. Those that make hearts flutter and eyes sparkle. A wave of joy, to share… and to let resonate for a long time.

La chaleur
d’une cuisine

conviviale et
We already knew that the “Mediterranean diet”, with its richness in fruits, vegetables, fish, and olive oil, is excellent for health. More recently, we’ve discovered that the gourmet traditions and table practices of the Mediterranean shores are the pillars of a true art of living. An art of living that celebrates true connection and conviviality, the very essence of sharing. Hence the unabating enthusiasm for Italian cuisine and its promise of authentic and timeless flavors.

The phenomenal success of the books by Chef Yotam Ottolenghi has revealed the universal appeal of Middle Eastern delights and, in its wake, has propelled all these new restaurants offering joyful tables of tapas, kémia, mezze, antipasti misti… Around such a table adorned with a multitude of dishes, we cultivate a sense of sharing and generosity, values dear to Potel & Chabot.
Our house has always had a curious spirit, a true traveling inclination: as pioneers, we accompanied the beginnings of the railway, then aviation. Our receptions have often hit the road with our teams towards mythical destinations: an archaeological site in the middle of the desert, a Venetian “palazzo”… And each destination has been a source of inspiration for us.

Moreover, our chefs come from all over the world, and their cultures inspire us! Their influence is felt in every dish we create. With the Feel Good experience, we have envisioned a moment of exceptional conviviality. Rooted in tradition, but reinterpreted by our chefs, our recipes celebrate grains, citrus fruits, seasonal vegetables, responsibly sourced fish, as well as herbs, spices, and condiments from elsewhere, from the smooth tahini to the precious black lemon from Iran.

The small and large dishes to share encourage spontaneous exchanges. It’s as if you’ve embarked, with your guests, for a sunny destination. The relaxed atmosphere, the warm decor, the traveling and refined cuisine, served in an informal way, transport you far from everyday life. And the whole assembly truly comes together, around these earthly and spiritual nourishments that are olive oil and pomegranate seeds, this fruit said to originate from paradise. The promise of an extraordinary culinary journey is what we offer with the Feel Good experience.





Couronne de crevettes
Pink de Saint-Jacques


Dans les différents tiffins,
concassé de tomates, houmous de petits pois menthe et verveine,
ceviche de daurade aux fruits de la passion, vitello de veau
au parmesan, burrata à l’huile d’olive basilic, assortiment de
croustilles à l’huile d’olive et focaccia


Tajine méditerranéen
Jarret de veau, artichaut poivrade, citron confit, datte Medjoul,
potiron, carotte rôtie au miel
Rascasse rôtie façon moqueca
Poêlon de gnocchetti, courgette, tomate Gino, sauce chien


Fraîcheur d’agrumes et citron noir d’Iran
Grande tarte aux fruits de saison
Chocolat CBD


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