46, rue Cambon 75001 Paris


Former headquarters of the Crédit Foncier of France, the Pavillon Cambon Capucines offers an amazing volume under its canopy and marble columns. Its versatile reception rooms provide infinite configurations

Nombre de personnes
10 - 1500
1600 m²
Nombre de salons
4 Rooms

Reception Rooms Mewès and Mezzanine

The Mewès reception room, bathed in the sunlight of the beautiful canopy which overlooks it about 10 metres high, combines rare elegance with exceptional magnitude. Its mezzanine, which is punctuated along its entire length by arcades evoking boxes of the adjacent Opera, further strengthens the spectacular nature and volumes of the reception room. An extended Lycra voiles device enables to resize space, so as to adapt to more intimate events, and even to divide it to create two separate universes in the Mewès reception room.

Capacity Mewes:

– Theater Style: 800
– Cocktail reception (standing): 800
– Luncheon or Dinner (seated): 610

Capacity Balcony:

– Cocktail reception (standing): 400
– Luncheon or Dinner (seated): 290

Capacity Mewes + Balcony :

– Cocktail reception (standing): 1200
– Luncheon or Dinner (seated): 900

Features and equipment:

– Air-conditioned room with an adjustable surface area of 1,098 sq. meters (11,841 sq. feet)
– Stage with technical sound and light equipment
– Natural lighting
– Decorative window, listed as a historical monument (can be screened off if necessary)
– Ceiling height of over 8 meters (28 feet)
– Staircase listed as a historical monument
– Concert acoustics
– Suitable for hosting live music, dance shows
– Telephone and WI-FI
– Electrical power output: 200 kVA (one- and three-phase)
– Streaming: 20b SDSL

Full technical details are available on request


Surface area :

– Mewes: 724 sq. meters (7,793 feet)
– Balcony: 374 sq. meters (4,026 sq. feet)
– Mewes + Balcony: 1,098 sq. meters (11,819 feet)


Accessible for handicapped persons

Technical Notebook

Plan in PDF format

Reception Room Rossini

Conference or reception, preview or fashion show, dance event or projection, everything’s possible at the Rossini reception room, amazing space providing infinite configurations. Ingenious and versatile, it can be fully converted as circumstances required, until being transformed into a real auditorium with 375 seats, provided with ultra-modern equipments. As admirably illustrated by the Rossini reception room, the reception art is also an adaptation art.


– Classroom Style: 375
– Theater Style: 375
– Cocktail reception (standing): 350
– Luncheon or Dinner (seated): 350

Features and equipment:

– Air-conditioned room with an adjustable surface area of 350 sq. meters (3,766 sq. feet)
– 375-seat auditorium (number of seats can be adjusted)
– Leather seats that can be retracted individually or by row
– Adjustable stage
– Backstage area: 20 sq. meters (215 sq. feet) with a 6m (64ft) opening
– Projection distance: 14m (46ft): screen + control room
– Screen size: 2.90m x 4.80m (9.5ft x 16ft)
– Electrical power output : 200 kVA (one- and three-phase)
– Streaming: 10b SDSL
– Sound console, speakers, HF microphones, video-projectors, lighting equipment
– 3 screens
– 2 video cameras with angle adjustment
– 8 projectors with angle adjustment

Full technical details are available on request.

Surface Area: 3767 ft2
– 350 m2

Ceiling height: 10.5 ft – 3.25 m


Accessible for handicapped persons.

Technical Notebook

Plan in PDF format

Reception Room Castanier

Intimate and quiet, the Castanier reception rooms can host from 5 to 60 guests. These are places for warm exchange, private meeting, maintained confidentiality... These two reception rooms are connected and offer a privileged view on a French inner garden and the Hôtel d’Évreux façade.

Capacity Salon Castanier 1:

– Theater Style: 35
– Luncheon or Dinner (seated): 20

Capacity Salon Castanier 2:

– Theater Style: 60
– Cocktail reception (standing): 50
– Luncheon or Dinner (seated): 40


– Surface area of the Salon Castanier1: 388 ft- 36 sq. meters
– Surface area of the Salon Castanier 2: 527 ft- 49 sq. meters

Ceiling height: 8ft- 2.50sq. meters

Disabled access

Plan in PDF format

Reception Room Capucine

Bathed in the daylight, the Capucine reception room is a versatile place which can host until 90 guests in various configurations. In addition to other reception rooms for a welcoming place or a gourmet break... as a meeting or conference room, it can also be used alone for a business meeting, a conference or a more private cocktail. Its location “facing the street” and its bay window can give free play to everyone’s imagination and daring !

Capacity :

– Classroom Style: 40
– Theater Style: 50
– Cocktail reception (standing): 90
– Luncheon or Dinner (seated): 60

Surface area: 90 sq. meters (969 ft)


Ceiling height: 12ft- 3.70 sq. meters


46, rue Cambon 75001 Paris
+33 (0)1 47 20 04 05

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