A space where emotion grips all our senses. A thrill of joy that will leave an indelible mark on the mind. An ode to life. At Potel et Chabot, we strive for the ideal experience every day. We put our art at the service of daring and talent. Our convictions are imbued with your desires. Our proposals are woven according to your sensitivity. It’s an uninterrupted dialogue that takes place between us, a silk thread that engages us and makes us want to realize exceptional moments. We are creators of enthusiasm. We carry out unforgettable projects. Yours. Those that make hearts palpitate and eyes shine. A wave of joy, to share… and to let vibrate for a long time.

HIGH gastronomy

What a pleasure to witness a new golden age of French cuisine! In Paris, once again the undisputed capital of gastronomy, a thrilling buzz is palpable. The younger generation, craving authenticity and taste, flock to the modernized ‘bouillons’ of yesteryear. Their elders, in search of gustatory memories, delight in rediscovering ‘historic’ establishments taken over by great chefs. These chefs are reviving the emblematic dishes of a so-called ‘bourgeois’ heritage cuisine.

At the heart of this trend, Potel & Chabot shines with its centuries-old expertise. High French gastronomy? It has been our domain of predilection since the foundation of the house in 1820. Who else could perpetuate its flame with as much legitimacy?

We have never ceased to offer – and revisit – hare à la royale or peach Melba, dishes that are the quintessence of our culinary heritage. But we have also managed to perpetuate all the codes of service (cloches, guéridon dressing…) that make each of our receptions an extraordinary choreography, a sumptuous ballet that delights the senses.
This expertise, nourished by decades of tradition and innovation, has allowed us to design a unique table experience: Memories. So named because it recalls, for one evening, the splendor of a bygone era; it evokes childhood memories, of films or novels. An evening punctuated by “little madeleines”, in short. We work on exceptional dishes – lobster, foie gras, truffle – followed by irresistible vintage desserts like the Grand Siècle Vacherin. Meanwhile, our maîtres d’hôtel, in their finest attire, pull out all the stops to serve them according to the rules of the art.

Between the cuisine and its staging, a whole little theatre is set up, a gastronomic show that resurrects the best of the “dinner in town”, where decisive encounters are made, where one networks intelligently around a classified grand cru and a beef fillet with morels.

A subtle alchemy of which Potel & Chabot masters all the ingredients… for over 200 years! Thus, we continue to write the history of French cuisine, one delicious page at a time.





Petit pâté-croûte de volaille aux truffes
Oignon truffé dans sa coque
Foie gras agrumes et fruits secs


Chou de homard coraillé
Ananas Victoria
coque d’ananas garnie de légumes et fruits
Koulibiac de homard


Filet de bœuf aux morilles
Filet de bœuf rôti, millefeuille végétal, raviole de butternut,
fricassée de morilles à la crème, sauce bordelaise
Caille en amande
Feuilleté de caille, condiment de graines de goji,
épine-vinette, pêle-mêle d’artichaut et pousses du marché


Poire Belle-Hélène
Vacherin Grand Siècler


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