25 October 2011

On Wednesday 21 September, Potel et Chabot inaugurated its new kosher kitchen at 3 rue de Chaillot, in the presence of David Messas, Chief Rabbi of Paris, and several members of the French Consistory, including its Chairman, Joël Mergui.

As a long-established kosher caterer, Potel et Chabot decided to modernise and extend its kosher facilities so as to enhance its compliance with the latest hygiene standards and ability to leverage the latest cooking techniques.

These exclusively kosher kitchens comprise four distinct areas: one area is set aside for receiving raw kosher produce, a second constitutes the heart of the kitchen with its traditional stove, ovens with high-precision temperature controls, planchas and so on, a third comprises a vast refrigerated workshop for preparing cocktail pieces, and the final area is used to see shipments off to the various reception venues.

Potel et Chabot has mobilised all possible resources to meet rising community demand for elegant, generous and fully Kashrut-compliant gourmet catering.