25 October 2011

Potel et Chabot is delighted to announce the opening of a new branch in Aquitaine!

Bordeaux… Potel et Chabot has chosen this city of light as the home of Potel et Chabot Aquitaine and the heart of many more prestigious receptions.

This dynamic and generous region, with its rich history and bounteous land, will now also be home to the unique expertise, art of receiving and passion that we have been cultivating for more than 190 years across France and the world. Fine, inventive gastronomy, foods and wines that complement one another perfectly, elegant and intricately designed stage sets…

In partnership with Humblot, a Bordeaux-based caterer, Potel et Chabot intends to accomplish new marvels in this region. Indeed, numerous successful events have already been held, paving the way for a great gourmet future for Potel et Chabot Aquitaine…