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18 November 2014

On 8 and 9 November 2014, Potel et Chabot provided gastronomic services for the 19th edition of the Cité de la Réussite, of which it has become a partner.

This edition dedicated to “Daring” brought almost 20,000 spectators together in the Sorbonne to attend numerous debates and conferences organised simultaneously in 6 amphitheatres involving around 150 speakers from all over the world: political personalities, business leaders, scientists, philosophers, cinema directors…

Permanent cocktails were prepared at the stands of those partners who wanted them as well as a continuous cocktail offered to all guests in the “peristyle”.

In the Salle des autorités, almost 500 speakers and personalities were also able to enjoy gourmet breaks.

hroughout this exceptional weekend, Potel et Chabot also handled the reception for the prestigious guests of the partners of the event and the Cité de la Réussite:

During a cocktail event for 300 guests at noon on Saturday, inside the peristyle, where organised animations and mini-dishes complimented sugared and salted cocktail pieces…

At a signature Thierry Marx dinner realised by Potel et Chabot on Saturday evening, in the Grand Salons of the Sorbonne, where 210 guests enjoyed a floating truffled lentil island, a chuck of Veal Rossini and a Paris-Brest revisited;

Then for a gastronomic dinner held at noon on Sunday in the Grand Salons of the Sorbonne, where the 210 invited guests were served a signature Potel et Chabot menu: Bar Verveine and orzo risotto followed by chocolate fondant drops and caramel vanilla…

When the Art of Thinking and the Art of Reception combine, success is guaranteed!