28 January 2015

“Free and unpredictable creativity, the means to live and act beyond established rules, purposeful and original…”

In the year 2015, we have found ourselves to be in sync with this definition from the dictionary.

We make it possible to surprise and provoke without shock, to re-imagine the conventions of hospitality, to paint a picture of a story to make a lasting, unforgettable impression, to amaze and impress, and to bring an imaginativeness to the heart of your event that, without breaking the defining conventions of your brand, will dazzle your guests and leave them with fond and vivid memories of a unique and successful event.

With a dash of daring and a lot of imagination, our team of chefs, pastry chefs, set designers, decorators, sculptors and artists will offer you the possibility of shaking up the conventions of hospitality and creating, alongside you, a reception with a bit (or a lot) of Imagination…