5 January 2018

Was it originally a horseradish-based sauce, named after “remoula”, a word designating a black Spanish radish in Picard regional dialect from Northern France? Or, as listed in a Occitan Language (Southern France former official language) dictionary printed in 1817, coming from remoulada or remoulade, a sauce in which garlic was largely used? Within the “Bigorre” mountains, the Adour river gets some strength by a location named Remoula too. The remoulade sauce, a strong and savory sauce, made, according to Escoffier, from a Mayonnaise base added with Dijon mustard, gherkins, pressed capers, minced parsley, chervil, tarragon, then pouring in it half a spoon of anchovy essential oil, may have originated from the French southern region of Bearn too! This is definitely not the case of the so-called Bearnaise sauce, created in 1830 at the Pavillon Henri IV restaurant in Saint Germain en Laye, a suburban town of the Paris southwestern outskirts!