5 January 2018

In the times of feasts and mounds of food meals, when no one cared about the use of a plate or silverware, even sharing their soup porringer with their dining table neighbor (a 12 plates dinner meant then a 6 porringers dinner), each guest received, to use as a plate, a nice slice of bread, named “trancher”. The hollow and individual plate brought in from Italy in the 14th century got to be really used in France in the 17th century. Then, either sharing a spoon for the same dish or offering a trancher generously drenched with a sauce to “grass roots” people upon the completion of a meal, all of this just vanished from our dining customs. Luckily enough for all these nostalgias of fully loaded pieces of bread, this custom of the tranchers re-appeared at the dawn of the twentieth century thanks to a new setting re-named “Cesar Ritz club sandwich”!