Major Events

13 July 2011

Potel et Chabot never misses its annual rendezvous at Roland-Garros for the French Open tennis championship, always ready to add its trademark touch of prestige to this world-renowned event. Over 800 Potel et Chabot employees were called on to leverage their expertise, providing exceptional culinary delights for the event’s distinguished guests throughout the tournament.

This year, the sun shone throughout the championship fortnight. Our teams served over 4,500 meals every day, in glorious sunshine. Indeed, the dishes proposed at the various reception sites across the venue gave guests a fore-taste of summer… iced strawberry and rhubarb crisp, melon bubble, lemon and coconut crisp, fillet of sole with shellfish, and more…

At this year’s event, the Village provided the perfect breakfast stop, and the gourmet theatre set the scene for an exceptional show. Transformed into an island paradise, the central pathway provided a shady palm-fringed oasis scented by fresh floral necklaces, where Villagers could sample shellfish and seafood dishes cooked up on a specially installed plancha grill.

While meeting its customers’ gastronomic expectations, Potel et Chabot remained true to its environmentally-responsible values and pursued all the actions instigated two years ago, including donating any leftover bread to the association “La Mie de Pain”.