Major Events

15 February 2013

From 14 to 23 September, the Grand Palais hosted the 26th Paris Antiques Biennial. Under the glass roof of this magnificent venue, art lovers from across the world were able to stroll though a ‘Paris’ set created Karl Lagerfeld. Once again, Potel et Chabot was honoured to provide all the catering services for this exceptional event. Services ranged from “fast food” catering services at the Aéro Bar, to the renowned but ephemeral gourmet restaurant created in conjunction with ten Michelin-starred chefs and Relais et Château…From the Brasserie to the Exhibitors Club…Not to mention the Gala Dinner organised before the event’s official opening (1,400 guests) and the opening cocktail reception (5,000 guests)…This year, more than 18,000 visitors, partners, exhibitors, organisers and prestigious guests tasted the culinary delights produced by our chefs, from simple snacks to meals served with all the associated pomp and ceremony.