15 February 2013

Potel et Chabot has a long-established partnership with Les Disciples d’Escoffier, built around the Galette des Chefs, Galette du Coeur operation.

For the eighth year running, our chefs joined forces with some of the greatest names in French cuisine and pastry-making, to support rare diseases. Numerous Parisians flocked to Place St Germain to support this initiative.

With support from Potel et Chabot, this year’s Disciples d’Escoffier initiative, held on 5 January, enabled budding gourmets to taste and purchase galettes baked by leading French chefs and pastry chefs. This year, all profits went to an association that supports CIPO* sufferers.

This year’s operation raised a total of 12,500 euros for this association!

* CIPO: The CIPO association (Chronic Intestinal Pseudo-Obstructions) currently has 200 members and donors, and aims to provide moral support and information as well as promoting medical research.