Major Events

15 October 2013

For the fifth year running, Potel et Chabot’s teams leveraged their expertise at the Qatar Prix de l’Arc du Triomphe race, held on 5 and 6 October 2013.

Since 2008, our customers have enjoyed combining the elegance and excitement of this prestigious thoroughbred championship with the refined art of French reception.

Some 400 people were invited to a grand gala dinner on the eve of the race, then cocktails and gourmet lunches were served in the Village d’Honneur and other areas… In all, close to 250 Potel et Chabot team members were mobilised to ensure top-quality service to some 2,650 guests over the weekend.

Lobster chou, golden scallop squares, Challans duck, beef royale… These showpieces were accompanied by further dishes designed by our Chefs specifically for this event, such as the Grand Prix-coloured tiramisu macarons that were served in all reception areas as the thoroughbreds raced across the finish line and bettor excitement was at its height…